Our Mission

To love God, love people, and share the Gospel of Christ with a hurting world. 

(Mark 12:30-31)


Our Values

Biblical Authority
Intimacy with God
Activated Disciples of Christ
Prayer is essential to ministry
Love God, Love Self, Love Others
Dependency on Holy Spirit


Our Vision

Our Church exists to Magnify God’s Name: to bring all people to Jesus and to membership of his family, to develop his people into Christ-like maturity, to equip them for their ministry in the Church and Mission in the world.

Magnify God’s Name– Through celebration in worship, in special times of prayer and personal consecration.
Mission– Evangelistic Outreach, support home and foreign missionary efforts. We will practice facility sharing and join with other like-minded churches and ministries to reach out to our community.
Membership– We will practice the principles effective for embracing a Multi-Ethnic Fellowship. We will embrace any and all cultures by not practicing a cultural exclusionary approach in worship, service or leadership. We will seek to grow into a spiritual culture that is sensitive to any and all who are able and willing to be a believing and worshipping Christian. We will practice benevolent care for all members.
Maturity– We will teach the Word of God effectively. We will sponsor classes for children, youth, men and women designed to promote spiritual maturity.
Ministry– We will practice the Biblical form of church leadership and administrative structure that utilizes our spiritual gifts and resources to meet the needs of believers and non-believers to the glory of God.

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